Scraptacular - SYTYCS Week 4

Sunday, September 28, 2008

SO this weeks scrap-eography was:

You need to create a LO either 12 x 12 or 8.5x11 and include the following on the layout.

- masking tape (or another form of decorative sticky tape)
- rub-ons
- add hand written journalling directly onto your photo
- use bright colors

So here is what I created this afternoon, totally different to what I normally do but I really like it!!!We had Chloe's soccer presentation today and she got up on stage with her team plus Lily and accepted her trophy and typically me what did I forget?? Yes a camera LOL! then lily waited until the next team went up while I was madly waving to her to sit down and she is shouting out HUH? and What???? SO EMBARASSING LOL! Anyhow Matt had to go up to the stage and get her off, she is such a funny kid that one!

Tonight we are off out for mums birthday dinner so that should be good and then its back to another week, why is it that weekends go far too fast and weekdays take forever to end LOL!

Oh and congrats to all the Hawks fans out there, I really thought Geelong would win, I dont think the hawks played any better than they normally do, I just think Geelong didnt play like they normally do...
I was happy to see Shane Crawford get a Premiership medal since he has played for so long, now he can announce his retirement!!!
Actually one thing that makes me mad is that each year they get the little auskick kids up there to present the medals and the footy guys give them a hat, NOW I am sure that if you are not in the grand final and you are an AFL footballer you will watch the game, I think there is no excuse that when you go up to the little child and they put the medal on you and then they get the hat how hard is it to shake that childs hand????? There were a few of the hawks that couldnt even do that, yes I realise it is exciting but you are also adults and professional athletes it's not hard to make an effort and do the right thing up there!!!!!
OK so I have had my rant, I better head off LOL!
Thanks for stopping by :-)
Mel x

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3 Responses to “Scraptacular - SYTYCS Week 4”

Kell Lusted said...

Love it, the colours the elements everything.
Kell xx

Susan Longman said...

Gorgeous the pp on the backgound...

Wendy Smith said...

top work Mel...cute pic of Lily too (always helps)