Long time between posts...

Monday, September 8, 2008

As I am sitting here waiting for paint to dry, I thought I had better update my blog, thanks to a certain someone who tells me they are sick of seeing that I am still sick LOL! ;-)

Anyhow I had just started to get over what I had before when wham a lovely bout of gastro Saturday night hits me, what else could I get lately???
So I missed out on scrapping Sunday as I felt absolutely horrid, thankfully a good nights sleep last night did wonders and I woke up today feeling a bit better than I thought I would!
I have finished off a layout for a CC challenge over at Mystical and uploaded my SYTYCS layout yesterday at Scraptacular so I can share those layouts plus another one I did a couple of weeks ago...
Ok so this first one is my SYTYCS LO, using Mr Campy which I LOVE!!!This one is the CC Challenge at Mysticaland this one is one I started up at Susan's a couple of weeks ago!
Hopefully I will have more to share this week, I plan to get heaps of scrapping done over the next 2 weeks, I have even got organised and put my name down for 4 swaps over at Mystical and have 3 already finished and ready to go thanks to Wends for helping out today ;-)

The kids are on school holidays so we have a few things planned although poor Chloe is sick at the moment as well, we are going to head up to Grindlewald and play some Putt Putt golf and head to the movies to see Wall E, Matt is on holidays the following week so we are going to head to the minature world place near Sheffield and take the kids to the beach and a few other things, they are looking forward to spending heaps of time with him as he is working at Coles Bay, 2 hours away during the week and only comes home on the weekend, looks like it will be like that for the next couple of months too!

Anyhow I better get back to this LO thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave me a comment :-)

Mel x

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5 Responses to “Long time between posts...”

Kirsty said...

Love the LOs:-)

Good luck with all the entries, they are all gorgeous!

Susan Longman said...

Glad to hear you are felling better Mel...love the layouts they look stunning...good luck with round 2 of SYTYCS...

Wendy Smith said...


Love scrapping with you mate...gets me going

Mel Connell said...

Gorgeous LO's as always Melissa. Glad to hear your better, it's not nice being sick, especially when it stops you from scrapping! Good luck with SYTYKS!!

kayla renee macaulay said...

Loving your LO's
beautiful as always
I am glad that you are feeling better now