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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well after much persuasion from a certain someone...cough, cough Melis :-) Here is a blog that will be just about me and nothing to do with my old site Scrap World, all about me and my creations!!!

On that note I suppose I had better get to it, I have a growing pile of things to do and no time at the moment to do anything.

This weekend is going to be pretty much soccer related with Chloe, she has her normal game on Saturday and then on Sunday they are playing at half time at the A-League game that is down here at Aurora stadium so I am hoping to get some great pics!!!

I had my hair cut and coloured today, love the colour but not so much the cut at the moment, will see how it looks after straightening tomorrow morning, speaking of hair cuts, MISS CHLOE had hers done tonight and she has been transformed.
Chloe wanted to have hers cute shorter like Lily's and she wanted a fringe, she has never had one so it is taking a bit of getting used to, here is a pic of what it used to look like and this one I took quickly to send to mum tonight, will get better ones soon.
Oh yeah she doesnt usually have it boofy like that either, although her curls are coming back...

and after...

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One Response to “Another blog....”

Binxcat1 said...

oh wow... she looks so grown up! Very stylish little chickie! Love the new blog btw...